El Señor de Los Milagros Festival is Approaching

Lima is the palce to be in October, as the city celebrates its biggest festival, El Señor de los Milagros. Thousands flood into the city from all over Peru and all corners of the world to celebrate El Señor, a painting of a dark-skinned christ painted by an anonymous Angolan slave sometime around 1650. The wall upon which the Christ was painted survived an earthquake in 1655: it was the only wall to do so in the region. Since then, the painting has taken on a mystical, miraculous aura and Limeños celebrate it annually. The big date is October 28, when the image is carried around the city for 24 hours by thousands of purple-robed devotees. The festival is known for other processions, bullfights, parties and more. The festival lasts on and off until October 28. If you want to attend, better make reservations now!

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