News Flash: Mexican Cops Crooked!

Okay, I know sarcasm isn’t polite, but I couldn’t resist. And when an internal audit finds that 4% of the policemen in the state of Baja California (Tijuana) are “recommended” and 89% are “not recommended ” for employment (the remaining 7% presumably got a rating of “meh, whatever” or something), you’ve got to wonder.  Mexico, currently trying to stomp out rampant crime, rampant corruption and rampant incompetence in its police force (another study recently showed that 72% of all activities in Mexico are currently “rampant,” including mariachi), has done a nationwide study of its police force, trying to weed out bad cops. Cops were judged using lie detectors, drug tests, background checks, etc. in an effort to determine those most likely to prove corrupt. In results that likely surprised no one, 49% of the cops got a rating of “not recommendable,” which means that they should not have gotten the job in the first place. That number jumps to 89% in Baja California. What does this mean to travelers? It means keep out of trouble in Mexico and particularly in Baja California, because the police and the criminals may well be one and the same. All sarcasm aside, here at Viva Travel guides we wish the Mexican government the best of luck in cleaning up their police force, for the sake of travelers and ordinary Mexicans alike.

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