Business Resumes in Chaitén …. For now

As we reported earlier on this blog, transportation down the Carretera Austral remained difficult because of the eruption of Volcán Chaitén. The volcano continues to be active. The city of Chaitén remains in the red-zone and access is restricted only to day trippers and ferry travelers.

V!va Travel Guides made it to Chaitén. Writer Lorraine Caputo checked out what services are available for those who are arriving or departing by ferry from that port town. For a complete run-down, check:

The ultimate fate of Chaitén is to be decided January 16, 2009. It is believed it will continue to serve as the port for the region. Preliminary news reports indicate the government will buy out all the residents and close the city permanently. The new home for the provincial capital may be Futaleufú. The government, however, may be in for quite a fight. Returned residents stated that they intend to stay no matter what and rebuild the city.

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