Lorraine Caputo, V!VA Chile Author Reports from Argentina

V!VA Travel Guides Chile Author Lorraine Caputo reporting from Argentina:

In Chile, the Santiago airport was damaged &  Argentine airports are receiving the flights. Seven regions have been declared emergency zones (what I heard on Argentine TV), stretching from the Metropolitan area & Región V south to Región VIII.
According to http://cl.news.yahoo.com/s/ap/100227/latinoamerica/ams_gen_chile_terremoto, a large portion of Talca’s casco histórico was damaged  & a  tidalwave hit the main village Isla Robinson Caruso (see video here) Juan Fernández Islands, destroying much of it. Sections of the Pan-Am is apparently damaged. El Mercurio has an interactive map of damage reports, some of which are as far south as Temuco.

El Mercurio has a blog where people are posting damages — Electricity was knocked out for a while as far south as Pto Montt, & there’s a report of damage on Chiloé. Valdivia & nearby towns suffered damage. Some of the reports (like from Talca) are quite harrowing .

Besides infrastructure, roads & bridges being destroyed, another serious factor is gasoline and diesel. The country’s major refineries are in the hardest hit area. The government figures they have enough gasoline (bencina in Chileno) for 8 days & diesel for 6 days.

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