Weekly Latin America Travel News

Every week, VIVA brings you the most important news for travelers in Latin America.

Paula Ravages Cuba

Cuba was spared widespread devastation from Hurricane Paula, but the storm did knock out power on many parts of the island on Thursday and Friday. Localized flooding was reported as well.

Starbucks Expanding to Central America

San Salvador will be the home of Starbucks’ first location in Central America, a region famous for, well, producing the coffee that is sold at Starbucks.

United Airlines To Offer More Flights to Mexico

The newly merged United and Continental will be undertaking a major expansion into Mexico, offering new routes and more frequent departures from the US.

Taming Lima’s Wild Bus Routes

Travelers wading into the perplexing jumble of Lima’s bus and combi routes have a new ally: Jeroen Prinsen’s clear map of the most useful of the city’s transportation routes.

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