VIVA’s New Colombia Adventure Guide

It’s the equinox and time to start planning upcoming vacations. One of the hottest destinations in Latin America and a magnet for in-the-know travelers is Colombia, which is leaving its dark history behind.  After months of anticipation, VIVA’s Colombia Adventure Guide has hit shelves and iPads all over the world, and is providing all the information you need for a safe and enjoyable trip.


Nobody knows Latin American better than VIVA, based in Ecuador. Its writers delve deep into the cultural and natural beauties of Colombia. No corner of the country is ignored.

Providencia (Old Providence) Island.

Colombia Adventure Guide’s main writer, Lorraine Caputo, has taken 10 extended trips to Colombia since 1992. On her recent journey, she traveled the breadth of Colombia, from mountains to sea, from green jungles to concrete jungles. With this pioneering book, she opens huge swaths of the country previously little-covered by any other guidebook, such as the Llanos, Putumayo, Guajira, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and even a float down the historic Magdalena River. She takes you from small, out-of-the-way villages to the bustling cities, and throws in fantastic sand beaches from Coveñas to Punta Gallinas for good measure. She lends her experience working in national parks to give travelers insight into Tayrona, Cocuy, Puracé and Colombia’s other nature reserves, and her interest in archaeology to delve into past. For travelers heading to Panama, she details no fewer than four ways to do so.

Las Minas, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Lorraine also provides glimpses into some of Colombia’s nearly 100 indigenous nations, examining Wayu’u language, customs and etiquette; the Amazonian elixir of the gods, yagé; and the ways of Kuna.


Colombia Adventure Guide takes you where few other guidebooks dare to tread, giving you all the information you need to explore an incredibly diverse, but often overlooked, country. Special attention is given to the forgotten travelers: budget and families. Lorraine gives tips on the many free things to do and opens the doors to locally owned businesses, family artisan workshops and volunteer projects.

El Cocuy National Park.

Working with locally based writers, travelers and communities, VIVA brings you the most current, accurate guide to Colombia available anywhere and with a fresh perspective. VIVA’s Colombia Adventure Guide simply covers more regions and has more travel wisdom built in — over 100 pages more info than any of the competing Colombia guide books. With dozens of easy-to-use maps, tons of travel tips, packing lists and before-you-go information, Colombia Adventure Guide is the only guide you’ll need.


Colombia Adventure Guide is available in a variety of e-book applications directly from VIVA, as well as in print format from and Barnes & Noble.

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