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Boggy Peak to be Mount Obama

The tallest point on the Island nation of Antigua will soon have a new name: Mount Obama. For years, Boggy Peak (1,300 feet/396 meters) has attracted hikers and been and integral part of the landscape.  Boggy Peak’s new name will become official on August 4, President Obama’s birthday. Antigua is a tiny Caribbean nation, the population of which is over 90% black. Must say, “Mount Obama” sounds much more stately than “Boggy Peak.”

Peru to Obama: Have We Got A Dog For You!

International diplomacy has officially gone to the dogs – the Peruvian hairless dogs, that is. The Republic of Peru has formally offered an adorable puppy named “Machu Picchu” to President-elect Obama and his family. Obama had promised his young daughters that if he won the election they could have a puppy, and they’re holding him to his promise. One of the girls has allergies, so a special breed is needed. The Peruvian hairless dog, the national dog of Peru, has been around since Inca times. No word yet on whether or not “Machu Picchu” will take up rsidence at the White House anytime soon: maybe the Secret Service is still doing the background check.