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Latin America leads the way in preparing for Global Warming

A strange sense of irony might befall many when you consider that it’s the poorer and smaller countries (compared to the likes of North America and Europe) that are taking proactive measures to prepare for global warming.

“Invention is the mother of necessity,” seems to be the motto that Latin America is taking on, while up north and across the Atlantic many developed nations are caught up in the ongoing political debate over whether or not Global Warming is even an actual phenomenon. What blindness has befallen them!

What makes Latin America more vehement in its pursuit (casting any notion of doubt into the wind) over preparations for global warming is the fact that the entire region has been victim to a countless number of disasters due to climate. And things are only getting worse as time goes on.

Hopefully the sea level won’t rise up to where those clouds currently are… that would suck.


“In places where the climate seems to be a growing threat to human lives, resources and urban infrastructure, local officials have been working with scientists, conducting assessments and examining which new measures may best prepare them for the future.“

An MIT survey shows that:

  • 95% of major cities in Latin America are planning for climate change.
  • 59% of such cities in the United States are planning for climate change.

In the end it seems that only those countries and cities pressed by the forces of nature are the ones that are actively seeking countermeasures to the growing phenomenon, even if they truly are (comparatively) not the biggest or wealthiest countries to be doing so.

Here’s to hoping that the rest of the world wakes up to Latin America’s wiser bit of activity and preparation; otherwise it may very well be that Latin America becomes the “Noah’s Ark” of the world as they’re the only ones prepared for the potential onslaught of natural disasters that we, as humans, are ultimately responsible for having procured.

Via MIT News: http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2012/cities-climate-change-preparedness-survey-0605.html

Global Warming? Not For This Glacier!

Global warming may be claiming a lot of things, but there’s one ice queen (well, king) who’s not going down without a frigid fight: Perito Moreno.

Located in Los Glaciers National Park, this Argentine glacier is named after the Patagonian pioneer Francisco Peritoi Moreno, and like the explorer after whom it’s named, this glacier is an expert — on evading global warming’s grasp, that is. Advancing an average two meters (6.6 feet) per day, Perito Moreno is one of only a handful of Patagonian glaciers not retreating. Actually, amazingly enough, this glacier has stayed virtually the same for over a century. In a strange sort of antarctic exchange, Perito Moreno loses building-sized chunks of icebergs at nearly the same rate of its very growth of new ones, thus enabling equilibrium.

Every so often the glacier, nearly 30 km (19 miles) in length, intrudes upon and halves Lago Argentino, causing a dam to form. The water from the Brazo Rico side surges over 30 meters (100 feet) above the lake before its pressure finally shatters the glacier holding it back, resulting in a radical rupture. These ruptures occur at irregular intervals, with the last occurring in 2008, but this only encourages curious travelers to try plotting their Patagonian peek of the dynamic glacier. Occurring much more often, as often as every few minutes, is the spectacular cracking-off of massive chunks of iceberg, emitting an eery yet amazing roar as they slowly sink and melt into the lake. There are observation platforms and tours to visit this exciting daily event.

Intrigued? Check out our page on Perito Moreno to plan your glacial getaway to Argentina’s Patagonia.

Rachel Anderson is a staff writer/editor for VIVA Travel Guides.