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Latin America News Updates: February 26th- March 4th

Thanks again to Lorraine Caputo.


A new film starring Matthew Rhys will highlight Patagonia’s Welsh roots.


Flooding and mudslides around La Paz have killed dozens, left thousands homeless and disrupted travel around Bolivia’s capital.


The planned dam at Belo Monte, in Brazil’s Amazonian basin, has been halted by a judge so that more environmental impact studies can be made.


Chile’s president faces tough questions about reconstruction one year after his country was struck by a devastating earthquake. For information about Chile’s tourism infrastructure after the quake, check out VIVA’s Chile guidebook.


A border dispute with Nicaragua has many in Costa Rica reconsidering their country’s commitment to fielding no standing army.


Billionaire Carlos Slim has opened a new art museum in Mexico City.


Cannons found in a Panamanian river might have belonged to the famed pirate Henry Morgan.


Archeologists working at the Inca site of Vilcabamba have uncovered tombs from a much earlier culture.

Money-Changing Travelers Targeted at Mexico City Airport

A ruthless gang of thieves is working out of the Mexico City airport, according to authorities. When travelers (mostly foreigners) change large sums of cash at the exchange counter, gang members inside send word to their fellow thugs outside, who then follow and rob the victim. The most recent victim was a 55 year old Frenchman, who had exchanged almost 5,000 Euros (over $6,000) into local currency. After the man got into a car, two gang cars chased it down, made it pull over, and robbed him. He was shot in the head when he refused to hand over the money and is in serious condition in the hospital. Do not change large sums of money at the airport in Mexico City and be aware of this vicious criminal gang. Hopefully, Mexican authorities will soon put a stop to these thieves.