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Tungarahua Volcano: Active Once Again


It’s official folks, Tungurahua volcano has officially gone active again as of 6:47 a.m. yesterday (Sunday, July 14), with authorities declaring an “orange alert” – the second highest warning level.

200+ residents were evacuated from the Cusua, Chacauco and Juive areas. Forunately, no injuries have been reported.

While Tungurahua has had its spontaneous bursts of activity in the past year, the power of the explosive eruption was apparently grater than anticipated. VolcanoDiscovery.com, having measured elevated seismic activity in the area over the past few weeks, claims that the eruption was not as surprising as the sheer power and force of it, with heavy rain and mild flooding following suit.

Visitors already in or heading to Baños should take note of the volcano’s activity, making sure to take reasonable measures to either stock up on supplies (water, masks, non-perishable goods, etc.), or packing up and heading elsewhere. For those planning on going to the Tungurahua region, it is advised you postpone plans for at least the next week, or until further news and updates come in regarding the volcano’s potential future activity.

Posting Your Travel Plans? Be Careful What You Tweet For

The social media bug is spreading faster than swine…but could it invite intruders? How much is too much when it comes to sharing information?

That’s what one Arizona couple is wondering. After “tweeting” (on Twitter) some time-sensitive details of their trip to Kansas, Israel Hyman and his wife Noell — the married owners of the social media savvy IzzyVideo — came home to a robbed nest.  According to AP, the only valuables taken were video equipment, leading Hyman to suspect his tweets tipped off the burglars.

Most people use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. to interact and socialize with friends.  They narrow the web from world-wide to friend-focused, thus forgetting that circle can not only be penetrated, but capitalized on.  People broadcast their plans and ponderings daily — even hourly. Indeed, social networking sites are a wonderful vehicle for self-expression, and at their height can catapult innovations, ideas, campaigns and causes. However, when any of us click that mouse, we inevitably leave a trail, and we forget someone might be searching for cheese — our cheese. Although everyone’s safety should be cared for, business-owners and those of higher social status/money should be particularly cautious, for their posts may turn prey.

Although you can’t prevent everything (and everyone) on the web, there are ways to help control which spiders crawl to yours. Restricting profile access is one of the simplest — and most effective– ways to protect yourself. If you plan to rant and rave while roaming the globe, it might be smart to increase your privacy setting during that time. What do you think? While wandering the world, how do you stay social media savvy AND safe?

Rachel Anderson is a staff writer/editor for VIVA Travel Guides.