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Travel Alert: Hurricane Watch for SW Mexico

Mexican government officials issued a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch Monday morning for the Western coast of Mexico, prompting officials in the popular resort town Acapulco to prepare over 120 emergency shelters and urging residents/travelers to stay indoors. Tropical Storm Andres, formed just yesterday, is currently situated 120 miles southwest of Zihuatanejo off the southwestern coast of Mexico. However, Andres is picking up speed and strength, and forecasters fear it may develop into a hurricane within the next few days.

TS Andres is currently moving north to northwest, tracing the coastline, but even the slightest turn north could result in coastal contact. Even if Andres never reaches land, the tropical storm will bring heavy rain, strong winds and high waves (12 to 15 feet high) — including deadly rip currents. Residents and travelers to the Pacific South should be extra cautious and stay indoors until further word from officials.

For further information and updates on Andres and other tropical storms, visit the National Hurricane Center.

Rachel Anderson is a staff writer/editor for VIVA Travel Guides.

Money-Changing Travelers Targeted at Mexico City Airport

A ruthless gang of thieves is working out of the Mexico City airport, according to authorities. When travelers (mostly foreigners) change large sums of cash at the exchange counter, gang members inside send word to their fellow thugs outside, who then follow and rob the victim. The most recent victim was a 55 year old Frenchman, who had exchanged almost 5,000 Euros (over $6,000) into local currency. After the man got into a car, two gang cars chased it down, made it pull over, and robbed him. He was shot in the head when he refused to hand over the money and is in serious condition in the hospital. Do not change large sums of money at the airport in Mexico City and be aware of this vicious criminal gang. Hopefully, Mexican authorities will soon put a stop to these thieves.